GIC Board Delivery Report


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  • Fossil Creek deliveries are at the headgate and do not include ditch losses.
  • All Values are Avg Daily CFS, averaged midnight to midnight.
  • "Today's" value is the running daily average "up to now" and can change until all measurements are received for the day.
  • Web Report (Last 2 years)

  • Click a column header to resort table by that column
  • Removing all month or year filters allows all data to display
  • Water rights reference:
    • 4/1/1870 (Admin#7396): 52.0 cfs
    • 10/1/1871 (Admin#7944): 41.0 cfs
    • 7/15/1872 (Admin#8232): 63.1 cfs
    • 5/15/1873 (Admin#8536): 16.7 cfs

    NOTE: When SWEEPING is indicated it means the ditch was sweeping for at least some part of the day.

    Export 2-year period to a CSV on your own computer:
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